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By 1956, Ramon Rodriguez Fuenzalida and other young enthusiasts of the time imported from Italy the first diving equipment in order to practice this sport and so immersed in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

A little walk this sport was attracting more followers in less than 10 years, these young first began diving in the resort of Las Cruces, were already involved in spearfishing championships in Chile and abroad.

The scarcity of these products in Chile submarines, that by the end of the 60 Ramón Fuenzalida began exclusively distributing products to Cressi-Sub Chile. Based in Genoa, Italy, Cressi-Sub has been for decades the most prestigious brand dive exists throughout the world.

The factory started in the city of Coqumbo in 1967, moving on in 1971 to Jas. This started with technical advice from Cressi-Sub, until 1993, the factory was to manufacture products with different brands such as Cabosub, Paragon, Poseidon and Bodygard.

Nuestra Historia

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